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Integrated Health Systems

Our research helps market access executives make better strategic decisions concerning targeting and resource allocation, and empowers field-based executives with the knowledge to meet their account goals.

We provide our clients with a deep understanding of alternative payment model activity, consequential market trends and integrated health system (IDN) strategic priorities, and uncover potential opportunities for strategic supplier partnerships. Since late 2014, we’ve completed hundreds of personal interviews with C-suite and director-level health system executives within more than 100 IDNs.

Uncharted Territory

We are continuously interviewing clinical and operational executives from each IDN and are adding to the list of IDNs covered every week. We also use CMS, US Census, and our own proprietary databases and action-oriented models, such as our ACO Visual Scorecard and Volume-to-Value Score.

We’re confident that we’re covering uncharted territory in this strategic research project—from executive summaries at the 30,000-foot level down to the detailed IDN roadmaps that field-based executives find invaluable.

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