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Accountable Care Organizations

The health care marketplace has always been dynamic, but with the rapid rise in alternative payment models in recent years, health care executives must understand the move from volume to value—and the opportunities that are arising from the evolving health care delivery marketplace.

In this report

In this extensive report, we provide key insights into the world of accountable care, bundled payments and other value-based health care delivery models. ACOs and Value-Based Care is informed by primary research from November 2016 with Darwin’s ACO Executive Panel, as well as trends gleaned from our earlier ACO leadership surveys.

ACOs and Value-Based Care is packed with original research and insights you won’t find elsewhere. Partners interested in participating in this ongoing project have the opportunity to get specific questions answered, tailoring the report to their needs. Please contact us if you are interested in diving even deeper into value-based care and alternative payment models.

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