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Podcast 164: Insights into Sepsis Management with Dr. Robert Scoggins

Feb 11, 2024


As health care professionals grapple with the multifaceted demands of patient care, sepsis emerges as a pervasive threat demanding unwavering attention. In this discussion, Dr. Scoggins, a dedicated pulmonary care physician and Chief Medical Officer of Cytovale, shares profound insights into the realm of sepsis management. From the nuances of timely identification to navigating the delicate balance of treatment, Dr. Scoggins offers a compelling narrative shaped by firsthand experiences and a relentless commitment to patient well-being.

In this episode

Dr. Robert Scoggins, Chief Medical Officer, Cytovale

Robert Scoggins, MD, PhD is a seasoned pulmonary and critical care physician and the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) at Cytovale. He began his career in science with an undergraduate degree in Molecular Biology from Vanderbilt University and completed a PhD in Microbiology at the University of Virginia as part of a combined MD, and PhD program. Dr. Scoggins completed his residency in Internal Medicine and fellowship in Pulmonary and Critical Care at Vanderbilt University.

Over the last 15 years, he has held a variety of clinical and leadership positions within several health systems across the country, including Chief of Staff and ICU Medical Director at Kootenai Health where he served on the frontlines during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. As CMO at Cytovale, Dr. Scoggins combines his science, clinical, and hospital organizational skills to oversee Cytovale’s development and commercialization of host response technologies to improve care and outcomes of patients with sepsis.



John Marchica

John Marchica is a veteran health care strategist and CEO of Darwin Research Group. He is leading ongoing, in-depth research initiatives on integrated health systems, accountable care organizations, and value-based care models. He is a faculty associate in the W.P. Carey School of Business and the graduate College of Health Solutions at Arizona State University.

John did his undergraduate work in economics at Knox College, has an MBA and M.A. in public policy from the University of Chicago, and completed his Ph.D. coursework at The Dartmouth Institute. He is an active member of the American College of Healthcare Executives and is pursuing certification as a Fellow.

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