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Our team is committed to helping our clients develop and execute on the right strategies to achieve growth in the new world of value-based health care. Our deep knowledge and relationships with IDNs and ACOs enables our clients to break through and establish mission-critical relationships and programs.

Our clients include pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, health systems, cancer centers, home health care companies, venture capital firms, and private equity managers.

Most of our clients work with us on projects designed to address specific concerns, such as how to optimize a strategic account sales force or understand the impact of market consolidation on their business. Other clients might need deeper insight into a specific topic or market, such as ACOs or value-based contracting.

Examples of some of the ways we’ve helped our clients include:

  • Test

    Test the viability of a new market access management strategy

  • Develop

    Develop an IDN market access strategy and field force implementation

  • Target

    Identify, target and prioritize institutional customers and implement a sales force allocation plan

  • Partner

    Create and execute an ACO partnership

  • Brand

    Create a population health strategy, brand positioning, and messaging

  • Opportunity

    Identify opportunities for acquisition in the home health sector

  • Training

    Deliver a training session on value-based care at a national sales meeting

  • Validate

    Qualify, quantify, and recommend a go/no-go decision to enter a market for a novel medical device

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