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Smarter teams. Better access. Powerful results.

Our deep knowledge of and relationships with IDNs and ACOs enable our clients to develop the right strategies for growth in a new world of value-based care. It’s our insider edge within key customer targets that gives our clients the competitive advantage.

Our clients include pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, integrated health systems, venture capital and private equity firms.

Areas of Focus

Subject Matter Expertise

  • Hospitals and Integrated Health Systems
  • Accountable Care Organizations
  • Payers and PBMs
  • Behavioral Health Care
  • Home Health and Hospice
  • Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
  • Medical Device and MedTech
  • Institutional and Specialty Pharmacy
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Health Policy

Strategic Counsel

It is said that it’s lonely at the top. CEOs often ask themselves: Am I getting the right information I need to make decisions? The unfiltered, unvarnished truth about our standing with our customers and competitors? Or are my people telling me only what I want to hear?

Through our Darwin Advisory service, we work with CEOs and other senior executives and tailor strategic intelligence services to the specific needs of the highest levels in an organization. Darwin CEO John Marchica leads this effort, providing his analysis and guidance directly to the client.

These limited engagements are held in strict confidence. If you would like to learn more, contact John directly at jm@darwinresearch.com.

Customer Intelligence

Our custom consulting services provide the unique insights you need to inform, develop, and execute the best strategy to connect and collaborate with key health care delivery stakeholders. We provide custom market analysis of virtually all segments of the health care ecosystem. Our projects are tailored to meet your specific objectives and answer your most challenging questions.

Customer Profiles

New to Darwin Research Group? Our customer profiles are a great way to get started. We develop each customer profile with rigor and strategic intent, and complete it with rich, actionable insights across all facets of the organization. We go deep inside IDNs and physician groups, conduct extensive interviews with senior leadership, and capture key information and intelligence as to how these organizations think about the evolving landscape of value-based care and how they can effectively manage this change to meet their growth targets.

And, we are the only market intelligence provider with a business unit focused on IDN-based and freestanding cancer centers, as well as oncology-focused medical groups.

Our proprietary customer profiles are tailored to meet specific needs, so the information we develop can’t be found elsewhere — giving you a competitive, insider edge and a unique look into your key customer targets.

When our clients need to sharpen their business, marketing, market access, and sales strategies, they rely on the customer profiles we develop to inform and enhance their decision making, using them over and over again as a vital “go to” resource.

Influencer Access

Knowing who to connect with — and how — is critical to making the best decisions for any marketing or sales initiative.

We empower our clients to connect and collaborate with key market influencers and decision makers, arming them with the knowledge and insights they need to achieve their goals and make better strategic decisions to address the needs of their customers.

The truth is, the pharmaceutical industry is facing a deficit of trust with health care providers. We’re the unbiased third-party that can help bring down barriers and break through long-standing suspicions. Through Darwin Encounter Meetings, we facilitate in-person meetings with key customers that can take relationships to the next level.

Account Team Training

Our experienced trainers help clients achieve successful strategies for institutional accounts. We believe in an immersive, hands on training approach and work with account managers throughout the process so they can effectively and consistently apply best practice learnings and workshop tools in real world situations.

Consultancy Keynote: Book John For Your Next Event

If your organization or department is interested in learning more about how to improve health care delivery systems and the global shift toward value-based care, our CEO, John Marchica, has the expertise to help. With health care in its current disruptive state, John’s keynote presentations focus on helping clients understand the ongoing changes in the market and how to thrive despite the uncertainty.

John has presented at a variety of health care industry-related events, including thought leadership forums, IDN/ACO conferences, and national and regional sales meetings — unraveling the complexities of coordinated care to improve health care delivery. He is also an accomplished facilitator who can help you navigate the complexities of a strategic planning session or elicit best practices in your next sales management meeting.

To discuss booking John at your next event, please contact John directly at jm@darwinresearch.com.

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